Ann Cox Strub

I always had two loves: theater and graphic art. During my years at Newcomb College, theater became my “great passion”. But all of my electives were in the Newcomb studio art classes with Hal Carney. I worked professionally in theater for about thirty years as an actress, director, teacher… When I reached 50 years old, I realized I was burned out with theater and I enrolled in the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art for eight years and the rest is my history.

Strub’s bold paintings continues her dramatic flair, – the simplified forms, exciting graphics and vivid color palette. It is quite contemporary with its flattening of form and bold black outlines. She inspired by a family photograph album from the 1920’s.

I enjoy working with small, indistinct (hazy) old photos because they only give me a gesture, a mood, a texture that lets me do my own interpretation of that image. I am always looking for drama, movement and strong attitude in photos and in life to set my muse in motion.

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