Christian LeBlanc

Probably better known to the public as Kirk Mc Coll from As the World Turns or the unprincipled lawyer, Michael Baldwin, on The Young and the Restless, Christian Jules Le Blanc is a native Louisianian, and an accomplished artist. Originally, his illustrations began as gifts for his young nephews. His artwork soon complemented his acting career when he received a commission for the premier theatrical production of the Coconut Grove Theater’s 40th anniversary season. The producers requested that he transform the human characters of the play, Ladies In Retirement, into the animal characters he had been developing for children’s books. The drawings follow the course of the old Victorian whodunit, incorporating the clues of the murder mystery along the way.

Christian followed up this artistic success by entering his first art show. He was awarded “second overall” in the prestigious Culver City Art Festival in Los Angeles.

Christian’s art is meticulous and detailed with a rare sensitivity. His subjects exhibit a wry but gentle sense of humor and cross all chronological boundaries, appealing to the child in all of us and to an innocence seldom met in the 21st century. Of his work, he explains,

“Your eye should be constantly in motion: discovering something new at every turn, overhearing bits of conversation, noticing hidden gestures, wondering what lies in the darkness behind a curtain. Wherever your attention settles, a story should reveal itself. Everything should be tinged with magic and mystery.”

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