Newcomb & Gulf Coast Pottery

Newcomb Pottery and Arts & Crafts 
H. Sophie Newcomb College was founded in 1887, as a women’s College associated with Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Newcomb pioneered an innovative Art School to teach women to be self-supporting citizens of the recovering Southern economy. Recognized for The Newcomb Style in its fine arts and crafts, the program became internationally famous for its Art Pottery, setting a high standard in the American Arts and Crafts Movement.

Shearwater Pottery, Ocean Springs, Mississippi and George E. Ohr
Shearwater Pottery, founded in 1927, is still the enterprise of the Anderson Family. Annette McConnell Anderson, a Newcomb Art School graduate of 1900, encouraged her three artistically talented sons, Walter, Peter and James, known as “Mac”, to open a small pottery in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Operated by family members, the Pottery uses the molds of the 1930’s, and introduces new ware decorated in the exuberant, colorful style that made the their son, Walter, a nationally recognized artist.